Invent-ery Shop

This Week in the Shop 5/28/17: Introducing: The Invent-ery!

This week was not a huge week for production; Although we sold a few more jewelry kits, we spent most of the time planning, talking, and organizing. Unfortunately, this does not make for much of an interesting read, so I am going to just take a moment to give you a peek into something we are working on and also tell you that we named our shop!

Back story: When Ian was creating a work area for his thesis machine, we were talking with Verity, who was 8 at the time, about something she was reading. She read the word “inventory,” but pronounced it “invent-ery.” We fell in love with the new word she had inadvertently invented. Like Hogwarts’ Owlery is where Hedwig chills out with her friends and a nursery is where you grow plants or children (or both?), the invent-ery is where creativity blooms.


CNC Close-up
The CNC in action

As Ian switches from graduate school to working life and we get into a routine, we will be updating with more of our designs and projects and showing you what’s going on.

There is one week left to order a Smiles for Miles t-shirt from CustomInk. We need to sell one more to print, so hope on over and get one. They cost $20. Money earned from all sales (of T-shirts and our creations) go to help us make ends meet while I can’t work a traditional job and we have heaps of student debt to repay and all these mouths to feed…

Coming up: pictures of some pre-ordered stuff we are hoping to finish up over the next couple of weeks and hopefully starting some work on stuff we have come up with. We will see how we fit it in alongside Ian’s work schedule.

A little preview of a stool we are making…

Please feel free to follow us on Facebook or email us with any special requests. We have a lot on the docket and are excited to get to it, but we want to hear from you as well!

Writing is always better with a buddy. 



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