Invent-ery Shop

Invent-ery Update: 6/5/17

Remember last week when I posted that there was not a whole lot of progress in the shop? Well this week was very much the same. I actually took two days off by myself to celebrate my sister in law and get a little sleeping accomplished. I’ve been working pretty fiercely on end-of-year gifts for teachers – between therapists, teachers, assistants, and volunteers, my sons have eight teachers.

The Smiles for Miles t-shirt orders closed last night, but I haven’t placed the order yet, so if you’re kicking yourself for not getting an order in, shoot me an email at and I can maybe add one for you. They’re $20 in two styles, two colors each style. Sizes XS-3XL.

Beyond that, I ordered business cards! So when you order from us from here on out you can expect to get one of those with your order, which I find endlessly exciting. 🙂

Keep your eyes out for more stuff we have in the works and we will post again next week!



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