Thanks for visiting our Smiles for Miles blog!

Here you can read about our life, our family, and mostly about the journey we are on as the family of Miles, a wonderful three year old boy with an extremely rare condition, complicated medical history, many special needs, and an uncertain future. Despite his challenges, he is delightful, happy, and sweet as pie.

Additionally, I will work to keep you up to date on the projects we are working on in our little shop and invite you to contact us if you see something you like or if you have a request for a project you would like us to undertake. We will be happy to provide free quotes.

Please remember that we are a team of two and that our items are homemade. This means that prices are likely higher than they might otherwise be and that we will charge for shipping, but also you know you are getting a unique and lovingly hand-crafted item that you can treasure for years to come.