Life With Miles

Gearing Up

As I begin this post, it is 1:50 in the morning and I’m having trouble sleeping. That’s why I’m up. I spent about an hour and a half in bed, just awake, brain on, with no signs of slowing down.

It was actually a night much like this one that got me writing this blog in the first place. I was just lying there thinking… and thinking… and thinking… about Miles, about the future, about the past, about the other kids, about whether or not a dog and a frog could actually truly be friends… (Hey, the mind goes where the mind goes…

So here I am again, only this night is a little different. It is the eve of Miles’ final hypospadias repair surgery. We are supposed to be at the hospital at 7:40 in the morning. I was told that Miles wasn’t supposed to have any food after midnight, which is standard — we’ve been down this road before — but they also said no liquid after two hours before, and this includes his liquid medications.

Miles is on three different liquid medications, which he takes a total of eight times per day: 3 in the morning, 2 at 2pm, and 3 at night. (We go through medication syringes like tissues in winter…) Before January, Miles was only on one medication, which he took at 7am and 7pm. His last surgery was two months prior to the super-increase of medication, and at that time we didn’t really have much of a problem. So I’ve been worried that I will sleep through the alarm I set for myself and miss the dose and what will happen if he has to go into surgery without having taken his medication?

TMI ALERT – The paragraph below contains TMI. Feel free to skip.

The weather today was gorgeous. We spent a good deal of time outside. I let Miles play in the sandbox in a diaper and t-shirt. Perhaps this was a mistake because when I went to change his diaper before dinner I noticed some red swelling… This is not something you want to see on a person the night before they go in for a surgery, especially when the surgery is to take place in the same location as the swelling.  I began freaking out a little bit. I took his temperature (normal). I put him in a warm bath with baking soda. Before getting him out we rinsed him off with the shower hose. I took his temperature (normal). I slathered polysporin on the affected area. I fed him dinner. I took his temperature (normal). Before bed I changed his (practically dry) diaper again. It looked better but was still swollen. I slathered more polysporin on and asked Ian if he thought we should call the urologist’s office and he said that we didn’t want them to cancel outright. He made the very valid point that, even if they cancel the surgery, they are the exact people we want looking to see if this is something to be more concerned about than I am sitting up typing this at 2:03am.

So I’m awake. Awake and thinking and nervous and tired but awake. And some neighbors just arrived home so the dog is trying to freak out in his sleep, which is kind of hilarious. So that’s something. Right?

Maybe I will get him up to leave and his swelling would have magically disappeared. I don’t want to cancel, but I don’t want to take unnecessary risks either.

Now those neighbors are just talking loudly outside the window and smoking. Gross.

I know I shouldn’t just wait until 5:40 when I can give medicine. I should chance it and take the 3 hours of sleep if they come. I’ll let you know how it goes.

All right. 2:11. See you folks later. To help us both, adorable pictures of adorable creatures sleeping: